Acton-Concord Piano

Steinway L Grand

A very satisfying action rebuild job on a Steinway L which had been previously rebuilt 16 years ago, and which the client had never really enjoyed playing.  This piano received new Ronsen Wurzen felt hammers, Wessel, Nickel and Gross composite repetitions and capstans and new Renner shanks and flanges. The keys were rebushed and the naturals recovered in one-piece custom ivory. The keys were weighed off after a bench regulation. Touch weight improved markedly from as much as 85 grams downweight to an average of 48 grams. Upweight improved approximately 5 grams to an average of 25 grams.

Listen to this video clip and hear for yourself (but please forgive my flubs)... 


 Here are the client's own words about the transformation:

"We have used AC Piano for 25 years, from nursing an old, battered upright into continued years of service, to a recent complete rebuild and regulation of the action of our 1923 Steinway L grand. We first went the traditional route 16 years ago with a factory re-build, with very poor results. Bob and Liz patiently worked with us pointing out ways the rebuild could have been done differently (without bad-mouthing the factory!). This past Fall I finally took the plunge. New (recycled) ivories, complete action, re-regulation. The piano is like a completely new and different instrument. It begs to be played; it lures me in where I spend hours in rapt union with its aesthetic beauty. Thank you Bob and Liz!‎"