Acton-Concord Piano

Steinway L Grand

Piano Rebuilding

At Acton Concord Piano, we evaluate your piano for its potential and discuss ways to achieve it at every price point.  We will always explain the pros and cons of a full rebuild versus selective restoration, and leave it to you to decide what makes sense in your situation.

We offer a full array of restoration and rebuilding services, including:  expert pinblock replacement, restringing, and soundboard repair; complete action restoration or replacement and expert voicing services; damper restoration, pedal rebuilding, key bushing, and ivory restoration; and have arrangements with some of the top specialists in our industry for soundboard replacement, refinishing, and new ivory keyboards.

We decided early on that we wanted to offer the highest possible level of service to our clients; this is true for every piano we restore or rebuild, as well as every piano we sell.  Your satisfaction and pleasure in your restored/rebuilt piano or piano purchase is our highest compliment. 

 Steinway K Upright c.1907          Ivers and Pond Upright c. 1891-2